Citizenship Awareness Project

Finalist 2013

prefeitura municipal de nova resende
rua Cel Jaime Gomes, 57 - centro
(35) 3562-1288
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Eduardo Koqui da Silva(35)
Selene Aparecida Alves(35)
Technology Summary

The Citizenship Awareness Project has the purpose of working with all the population of Nova Resende, in the State of Minas Gerais, to reduce pollution, increase family income and improve family nourishment. It offers low cost meals of good quality, sponsors training courses, and stimulates actions to preserve the environment.

Main Theme


Problem Solved

One specific aspect of the municipality of Nova Resende is its family economy. Family economy is the form of production having as a basis the use of workmanship from the family itself; other parts of the population work only when it is harvest time for coffee, that is, in the months between March and September. In the remaining months they are exposed to unemployment, having their poor professional qualification as an additional handicap. The Citizen Awareness Project solved or reduced to almost zero the problem of pollution resulting from the irregular discharge of trash, helped the creation of jobs and the commercialisation of fruits and vegetables produced by small farmers in the municipality. It also helped the creation of a popular restaurant to serve the urban and rural population visiting the town to run errands and promoted professional training courses and sports activities for children.

Solution Adopted

The project works in partnership with the following institutions: National Food Supply Company (CONAB), a local welfare association (ASA), The Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the state of Minas Gerais (EMATER), the City Hall of Nova Resende, a recycling factory, schools (both local and state-operated), a community orchard, community groups, the local Agency for Sustainable Development (Andes) and a Popular Restaurant. The project will operate in the following phases: CONAB is the official company of the Federal Government charged with managing agricultural and food supply policies, to ensure the provision of the basic needs of society. It preserves and stimulates market mechanisms. It will register the families grouped in associations in the rural areas to produce food and will finance or supply the necessary inputs for production. Each family will receive payment for their production and CONAB will donate their production to social institutions. In this case the production will be donated to the local Department of Social Assistance. The City Hall will transport the products from the rural area to the Food Bank coordinated by the Department of Social Assistance, and barter them for the recyclable trash delivered by the families. The production of the community orchard will also be sent to the Food Bank and reinforce its stock. The Food Bank will supply the Popular Restaurant and the barter market, where the families will trade their recyclable trash for tokens to be exchanged for food products or used as payment at the popular restaurant, for the symbolic price of R$ 2.00 (50 cents of USD) per meal. The recyclable trash collected will be sold to recycling companies and the payments will be managed by the Agency for Sustainable Development, to invest in the food bank and in the acquisition of processed food, for the maintenance of the Recycling Factory and the operation of the Popular Restaurant or the management of the project. This project aims at generating income for the families, bringing awareness to the citizens and protecting the environment.

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