High School with Technology: Innovative Basic Education in Bahia

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Technology Summary

High School with Technology (EMITec in Portuguese) is an educational alternative to face three challenging dimensions of education in the State of Bahia: the great territorial extent, the lack of trained teachers and the need of articulation between local and State systems, to provide education to the young and adult populations.

Main Theme


Problem Solved

In its great territorial extent, the State of Bahia has 417 municipalities. In distant or hardly accessible areas it was impossible to provide education to their inhabitants. Such is the case of the Parateca community, located at a distance of 899 kilometers from the capital, Salvador, and 85 km from Malhada, the nearest village. This reality reflects the rates shown in the School Census of Brazil in 2004: a total of 831.173 students in high school, living in communities without schools at that level, are transported to urban schools, most of them in vehicles devoid of safety and comfort. It is almost impossible to assess the risk to their lives and their difficulty to attend classes in these conditions. But assisting students in the interior of Bahia, where is concentrated the greatest rural population in Brazil, was made possible by this project of High School with Technology, that faces the challenge of offering access to education in distant communities.

Solution Adopted

The technological solution, made possible by a modern satellite telecommunication platform, with the software IP.TV (Internet Protocol Television), has resources such as videoconference and allows the articulation of methodological, educational and technological aspects. This enables the insertion of students in a global dynamics. The classrooms integrated to the program are equipped with a VSAT bidirectional antenna, a rooter-receiver fed by satellite, structured cabling (LAN), a microcomputer, a web-cam with a built-in microphone, an LCD TV of 37 inches, a laser printer, no-break and access to the Internet in broadband by satellite. Another technological resource used in EMITec is the Moodle Platform, easily operated, which creates the virtual teaching environment to offer theoretical and methodological support to the specialized teachers and mediators in the program, and allows the sharing of the educational production of students. The structure is composed of access directories in which are posted the videoclasses, administrative and pedagogical information, educational legislation, teaching content (video, audio, slides, texts, books, magazines, newspapers and others of general interest) and material for teacher training, in addition to student creations. Methodologically, the program uses multimedia: specialized teachers, from a studio/classroom located in Salvador, daily develop their educational activities to prepare and show their classes live. They also guide local mediators. This method stimulates the construction of knowledge, through their work of research, cooperation and integration of groups, thus creating a favorable environment to stimulate creativity and learning. In this process, the meaning of concepts and the resulting construction of knowledge occurs in an interactive way. The method demands teaching practices compatible with the continued use of technology and a real control of the specific content. Students in their classes, located in different communities of many State municipalities, are guided by a mediating teacher or instructor. Connected to the studio, students can interact with the specialized teacher, from the cameras of their own classrooms and transmit images, voice and data, in an effective dialogue that enables complete communication in real time. The contents managed in the program comprise the curricular contents established by the National Council on Education to compose the national common curriculum for High School. It must be stressed that, in addition to curricular contents, EMITec also proposes trans- and interdisciplinary activities, with a view to incorporate current topics permeating the regional culture, as well as others proposed in the National Plan. The calendar also includes games and knowledge fairs, where actions are developed to promote citizenship, including the whole school community and its neighborhood, stimulating creativity and scientific knowledge among students. These strategies are conceived to contribute to the whole formation and integration of students, and to broaden its reach beyond school premises. Digital contents are provided in an interactive environment, operating in chats and guiding the creation of blogs, for access to on-line programs and also Wiki and Twiki or e-mails. Recorded classes can be seen again, collectively, to integrate students among themselves and with mediators and specialists, or to clear doubts on the organization of projects and the dissemination of activities. Supplementary activities serve the purpose of reinforcing their studies and represent one of the subjects that compose the curricular matrix of EMITec. They are provided to the three series of High School, with the main purpose of correcting basic defficiencies in language and mathematics.

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