Banco do Brasil Foundation Social Technology Award
Banco do Brasil Foundation Award for Social Technologies, established in 2001, is the main tool for identification and certification of social technologies that comprise the Social Technologies Databank, available on the website of the institution.
Held every two years, the award aims to identify, certify, reward and disseminate social technologies already applied, implemented at the local, regional or national, that are effective in addressing issues related to food, education, energy, housing, the environment, water resources, income and health.
Participation in the Bank of Brazil Foundation Award for Social Technology is possible to non-profit institutions legally established, public or private.
Submissions go through a screening process which includes the steps of certification, selection of finalists, judging the winners and award, subject to the criteria and parameters established in the Regulation Award.
In 9 (nine) editions, from 2001 to 2017, 7020 entries were received and more than R$ 4.1 million were awarded in prizes destined to the improvement of the winning social technologies.