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Technology Summary

The idea is to build a bakery on each needy district of our city, to provide their daily bread and to be a source of work and income for the communities. The bakery is an achievable project for these poor populations, because they will produce and sell the bread themselves.

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Problem Solved

The reality presented here encompasses very poor communities in the city of Frederico Westphalen, on the northwestern region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Two situations are always present in this setting: lack of family income and a poor diet. These neighborhoods were formed after the rural exodus of the 80's and 90's. This city, being an educational and entrepreneurial center, attracted inhabitants from neighboring small towns and from the rural zone, who created pockets of poverty. They composed nine neighborhoods in the periphery of the city, with a total of more than one thousand families. The condition of these communities can be described as impoverished families in a very low socioeconomic situation, with a high level of unemployment.

Solution Adopted

Involvement of communities: to develop a process of participation in meetings and lectures; to make the community aware of the spirit of sharing; to stimulate the action of volunteers; to build a physical space in each village; to buy the equipment; to train leader bakers from the own community; to train all participants in quick courses. Methodology: "To learn how to do and to do to learn". The year of 1996 was marked by the beginning of a new educational method called Farm-School System, deployed in the agricultural schools of our country, under the motto of "Learning how to do and doing to learn". The philosophy of this system was "… the development of skills and experiences necessary to absorb the knowledge received in theoretical classes. It is a dynamic school that fully educates, because it presents to the student activities similar to those he will face in real life, in his experience with the problems of agriculture and cattle raising, and teaches him about his responsibilities and possibilities". The Federal Agricultural School of Frederico Westphalen had 18 sectors of production and students had to spend, during one year, several weeks in each sector. There was a healthy rotation of students. We transferred this method of formal education to the informal one, to train the women in the villages. A rotation system was established, so that, at the end of the year, all of them had worked with all the others. We called this method "hands-on the dough" training, inspired in the formal method of agricultural schools. To implement this method, the first step is to motivate the beneficiaries, focusing on group work and sharing, in which the active participation of each one generates a transformation in people, like the dough becoming bread. How does this happen? Simply developing the planned activities.The different phases to be developed are: motivation for sharing; establishment of groups and description of the method; selection of a leader baker; courses for bakers and confectioners; construction of the physical space (a building of 7 meters per 10 meters); purchase of equipment, materials and inputs; manufacture of breads, cakes and biscuits. Marketing. Theoretical justifications for the work method are presented. It is a practical method, already tested in the Federal Technical Schools of Brazil and other countries. It is easy to assimilate, because it involves all those in the group to carry out the proposed activities. They all learn by doing. The group develops the spirit of cooperation and partaking, because they will share the products and sell the surplus. It transforms the persons and the community, making them participative and entreprising.

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