Pre Molded tank of plates

Finalist 2001

Programa de Aplicação de Tecnologia Apropriada às Comunidades (PATAC)
Rua Capitão João Alves de Lira nº 1.114 - Prata
(83) 3322-4975
Responsible for technology
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José Afonso Bezerra Matias(83)
Technology Summary

Cylindrical reservoirs, constructed near the farm family home, which store the rainwater captured by a structure with rails zinc and PVC pipes. This technology was created by semi-arid farmers.

Main Theme

Water Resources

Problem Solved

Tanks pre-molded plates optimize the time which was used to seek water. Now, women and children, primarily responsible for the activity, can focus on other tasks. Also, the good quality of water provides better healthy conditions for those consumers.

Solution Adopted

The tank is built by builders' own locations. Beneficiary families perform the excavation services, procurement and supply of sand and water. The builders are paid althought the contribution of households on the work of construction is characterized as a counterpart of the process.

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